What Defines Me as a Life Coach?

My joy of life, my humor, that I love to laugh, my curiosity of finding out what defines you as a person and together exploring what potential lies within you. When we meet, I will appreciate you as a person and will do so impartially and without any bias.

I find joy in joining you on a part of your path through life, being able to help and witness as you progress toward your goals, finding new strengths within you that you did not realized you possessed.

I look forward to shared moments in which something suddenly becomes clear to you, because I have asked you the right question at the right time. We will rely on our instincts, and what our gut tells us as we find strength from within.

As a life coach, I am by your side and am your companion on your journey. I am not merely offering a service, but rather I am someone who will always listen to you and offer a place where you will always be heard and seen for who you are. I offer a place where you can openly be yourself and talk about things that matter to you, especially things which you may not be able to address elsewhere. My calling in life is to join you briefly on your path. With my life experiences, empathy, and my ability to actively listen and ask the right questions at the right time, I think our time together will have the desired outcome.

I look forward to meeting you!