What does Life Coaching with me specifically look like?

What does Life Coaching with me specifically look like?

We will look at your specific situation and answer the following questions:

▪ What is currently happening in your life and the different areas of life?

▪ What do you want to change?

▪ What do you need so that these changes can take place?

Throughout this process I will actively listen to you I will help you to bring structure to your facts, thoughts and emotions. You must only share as much as you are comfortable with. To reach your goal, I do not necessarily need to know the topic in any detail. Together, we will develop a plan with which you can reach your desired goal. I will accompany you on this journey with my experiences and empathy and support you with a diverse set of methods. If need be, we will change the goal entirely. This happens more often than one might assume at first. This happens because during the process of working on fulfilling your goal, we may realize that the original goal may not necessarily represent your true wishes.

To get to know each other, we will first meet in a commitment- and cost-free conversation in which we will decide if we want to explore a piece of your path together. Once the decision has been made that we want to work together, you have a couple options to choose from:

Coaching Session:

I offer one-on-one meetings in the Rosenheim region or we can meet virtually.

The duration of coaching is entirely up to you. I cannot and will not provide a general timeframe or duration of the process. Sometimes an hour is enough time for you to find the clarity you need to aid you in your search for the answers you need, or perhaps multiple meetings prove beneficial. Maybe you will need me in the future again after your original coaching had ended; in this case you can contact me again. You can decide from session to session if you feel as if all of your questions have been answered or if you want to continue to work on additional topics.