Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching? Why Life Coaching?

When one looks at the origins of the word coach/coaching, it stems from the field of sports. Here, the coach advises and trains an athlete or a whole team. She conveys knowledge and abilities to the athletes to further help them reach their goals. A life coach shares those same responsibilities. You are the center of a life coach’s attention, and your goals are not in a sport but in your daily life. Through sharing your current state and what goal you want to reach in what time frame, a life coach will advise and train you to further your progress towards those goals. Topics include personal goals, dreams, discovery and fulfillment of your life’s vision.

I lean on person-centric and solution-centric conversation in a partnership of equals with the help of structured questioning. I aid you in finding and developing your potential, clearing up important life questions, and enacting positive changes in one or multiple areas of life. To achieve this, I combine multiple methods and approaches of working with you.

What Life Coaching is Not:

▪ Life Coaching is not Psychological or Psychotherapeutic Therapy!

Life coaching focuses on the here and now with the goal to plan for the future. Traumatic experiences from your past are not uncovered and worked through in life coaching. For me it is vital to clarify that if I have the impression during our coaching that you are in need of therapy, I will strongly and clearly express my opinion regarding this and will make appropriate recommendations.

▪ Life Coaching is not Mentoring!

A mentor has subject specific knowledge, supports you, gives advice, and makes concrete suggestions. A life coach asks the right questions because you already know the answers, you just were not aware of that fact before the question was asked.