What does 'repü' mean?

While looking for a name for my calling as a life coach, the name repü crossed my path while brainstorming with my best friend. Its origins lie within her native language of Aonekko, which is spoken by the indigenous Aonikkenk people, also called Tehuelches people, from southern Argentina.

Repü has no direct translation, but it roughly means: The path through life, or the path through the eyes to the soul. I found it to be a very fitting description of my purpose and goal as a life coach, so I asked my friend if I could use this word from her mother tongue.

Hello, my name is Silke Eble

and I am a life coach in Rosenheim. In my coaching, we will explore a bit of your path together. I will try to help you see things which are currently on your mind in a different light. I will help you to find the potential within you that has always been within you, but you have struggled to find. Through active, precise listening, asking the right questions at the right time, and my intuition, I will help guide you along a better path forward towards a happier, more relaxed and clearer life.

About Me

I was born in ’69, and am a happily married mother of two.

I have first state exam degree as an elementary teacher (Erstes Staatsexamen). I met my husband and quickly realized we would be moving a lot, so I continued my studies and got a master`s degree in Education (Diplom-Pädagogin) with a focus on teaching adults.

Why me?

My joy of life, my humor, that I love to laugh, my curiosity of finding out what defines you as a person and together exploring what potential lies within you. When we meet, I will appreciate you as a person and will do so impartially and without any bias.

Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching? Why Life Coaching?

When one looks at the origins of the word coach/coaching, it stems from the field of sports. Here, the coach advises and trains an athlete or a whole team. She conveys knowledge and abilities to the athletes to further help them reach their goals.

  • „Silke and I have been friends for many years, facing life’s challenges and adversities together but in our own unique ways.  Despite cultural differences, it was clear to me right from the beginning that Silke’s pragmatic approach to life provided her with a unique set of skills that enabled her to naturally encourage and counsel individuals, including myself, in both professional and personal issues.  I am thrilled that she has polished her skillset and is now professionally trained to help  you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results whether professional, personal or both.  I am blessed to call Silke my dear friend  and now my  forever life coach!“

    Renee B.