About Me

I was born in ’69, and am a happily married mother of two.

I have first state exam degree as an elementary teacher (Erstes Staatsexamen). I met my husband and quickly realized we would be moving a lot, so I continued my studies and got a master`s degree in Education (Diplom-Pädagogin) with a focus on teaching adults.

As a teenager, I traveled abroad often, encountering many different cultures, ways of living, and attitudes and expectations towards life. Travel awakened my curiosity about those around me, what they think and how they feel. It was during these experiences that I began to develop my active listening skills and my ability to intuitively ask questions.

Through moving multiple times and living in the U.S with my family for many years, I was often in the position of having to start over, each time adapting to wildly different circumstances. Confronting myself, the chances of starting over, and the accompanying process of letting go and decluttering help me in my work as a life coach.

Further defining me and bringing me along my path towards becoming a life coach was the experience of the death of my parents.

My mother fought a yearslong fight against cancer while my father died completely unexpectedly. Following these two events, I faced a terrible struggle. What followed was a search for the answers to some of life`s most pressing questions: What now? How do I want to shape my life? What matters most to me? Who am I?

The search for these answers has helped me grow both personally and as a life coach. My empathy and compassion have been enhanced by these experiences.